Children’s Day in Mexico 2024: A Key Date for Online Sales


As we approach April, one of the most important dates for toys and games retailers is coming up in Mexico; Children’s Day! Celebrated annually on April 30th, thousands of families celebrate with their kids by giving gifts. In Mexico, toys and games dominate as the most purchased gifts during this period.

Let’s understand how to prepare for Children’s Day 2024 as a global retailer, and the opportunity this will bring to your business.

Why Children’s Day is important for e-commerce in Mexico?

Mexico is Latin America’s second most populous country, with over 130 million inhabitants. It is considered a country with a very young population, below the Latin American average. It is a hyper-connected population, with a high internet penetration rate even among children and teenagers. This has led online channels to have greater reach than physical channels and numerous e-commerce events have developed, such as Children’s Day.

Year after year, the purchase of toys and children’s items becomes stronger in online channels, especially on marketplaces such as Mercado Libre, Coppel, or This phenomenon surged after the arrival of the pandemic in 2020 when online shopping became the primary purchasing channel for all Mexicans, and lockdowns led people to spend more time on the Internet.

Children’s Day is widely celebrated by the Mexican population, and around 42% of consumers buy products or services online for Children’s Day, according to the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO). Marketplaces take advantage of this by launching exclusive offers, attracting more consumers to digital stores. In the 2022 edition, sales were estimated to reach over 1.5 billion USD, according to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. This was more than double the estimated amount for 2021, which was 12 billion pesos.

What are the top-selling categories?

Although electronics are becoming more relevant in children’s preferences, toys continue to be one of the favorite products among children; this is confirmed by the Mexican Toy Industry Association, indicating that these products generate sales of $2.3 billion and investments of another $500 million in Mexico.

According to the AMVO survey, 8 out of 10 people will make purchases through the digital channel, and these were their preferences:

  • 52% – Toys.
  • 38% – Clothing.
  • 25% – Consoles and video games.
  • 17% – Board games.

What to expect for the 2024 edition?

The peak of interest in celebrating Children’s Day occurred during the pandemic, and then it remained stable. However, this year, with the arrival of new toy brands, children’s movies, and streaming services, it is expected that interest in gifts will rise again.

Christmas is the time when there are more searches for children’s gifts, as evidenced by the spikes in searches that appear from December. However, April, the month of Children’s Day, is another month with several searches for “toys” and “gifts for children.”

“Juguetes – Toys” searches in Mexico (2018 – 2023)

“Regalos para Niños – Toys for Kids” searches in Mexico (2018 – 2023)

Searches for toys and gifts for Children’s Day begin in the week of April 4th to 10th, reaching their peak in the week of April 25th to May 1st. It is important to establish special strategies in advance to boost your sales in Mexico, especially within the participating marketplaces.

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