Interesting Facts About Christmas Shopping in Latin America


One of the most memorable days for Latin Americans is approaching: Christmas. 

Unlike the United States, Latin Americans celebrate Christmas on the first days of summer. Therefore, they spend Christmas on the beach, with high temperatures and no snow.

In most Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile, workers receive a bonus in December, known as the 13th-month salary or end-of-year bonus. As the name suggests, this bonus represents an extra payment to encourage people to spend money on Christmas and summer holidays. As a result, Latin Americans love spending money on Christmas gifts even if they have already spent money on Black Friday.

How much do Latin Americans spend on Christmas gifts?

Latin Americans enjoy making gifts for special occasions like Christmas. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2021, most Latin Americans prioritize buying gifts over planning the Christmas dinner or deciding the outfit for the night. What’s even more interesting is that Latin American consumers buy on average 4 to 5 gifts. Besides, over 33% of people affirmed that they usually buy more than 6 gifts, and only 3% of people do not buy any gifts. Regarding individual spending, the average gift value goes from 16 to 31 USD. So, after some maths, Latin Americans spend on average 64 to 155 USD for Christmas gifts.

When do Latin Americans start buying Christmas gifts?

After deciding how many gifts to buy and how much to spend, Latin Americans start looking for gifts on the internet. According to Deloitte, in Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, people start shopping for Christmas gifts in the second week of December. In other countries like Perú, most consumers begin buying gifts a little earlier. Only 15% of Latin Americans prefer buying gifts a week before Christmas.

Online shopping vs Physical shopping

Although the pandemic is over and everything is back to normal, there is a notorious preference for buying online. Brazil has the strongest preference for online shopping. According to Johnson Controls, over 73% of Brazilians stated that they will purchase their gifts on eCommerce sites or marketplaces. For the rest of the region, over 67% of the population said that they prefer to find and buy Christmas gifts online. 

Top product categories for Christmas

It is no surprise that the hottest category for this season is toys & games. Some top seller products are video games, didactic toys, and dolls from popular brands. Since Christmas is celebrated during summer, outdoor games and beach games have always been popular. Other product categories with huge sales volume are summer apparel and accessories, and skincare and beauty products.

How to sell online in Latin America for holidays

With over 650 million consumers, Latin America is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets in the world. According to Beyond Borders, eCommerce will continue to grow 30% every year through 2025.

The best option to enter Latin America’s eCommerce market is by positioning your products on marketplaces. Unlike other regions which only have a dominant marketplace, eCommerce in Latin America is constantly evolving and highly fragmented. Latin America’s 8 largest platforms comprise more than half of the region’s eCommerce market share.

However, for most global sellers, winning the Buy Box and building consumer trust among other well-known competitors is no easy feat. Moreover, most cross-border sellers struggle to understand and comply with customs regulations and customer protection laws.

The easiest way to sell online in Latin America

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