nocnoc opens new cross-border mega stores in Chile, enabling global sellers to expand their reach in Latin America

nocnoc, the largest cross-border store in Latin America, recently opened new stores in Chile’s largest marketplaces. The company now has stores across five Latin American countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. Global sellers can sell their products through nocnoc stores and expand their reach in these markets, potentially capturing 90% of LatAm’s e-commerce market share.

With over 20 million inhabitants and the highest per capita consumption in the continent (US$814), Chile has positioned itself as the 5th largest e-commerce market in Latin America. According to AMI analysis, e-commerce sales in Chile are expected to grow at an annual rate of 25% and reach US$33 billion by 2025.

“Chile is among the top opportunities for cross-border e-commerce in LATAM. Reasons include having the highest per capita consumption and income, as well as the highest digital access. By opening mega stores in Chile’s major marketplaces, global retailers can showcase and sell their products through our stores, expanding their online sales in Latin America.” – explained Sebastián Arlin, VP of Marketplaces at nocnoc.

About nocnoc

nocnoc is the largest cross-border store in Latin America. With our solution, global brands and retailers can sell their products in 15 marketplaces in less than 48 hours, without the need to open accounts on each marketplace. Instead, their products will be featured in our mega stores that are already well-known and trusted by Latin Americans, maximizing conversion rates.

Global sellers only need to send their packages to our US or China warehouse – we’ll take care of international shipments, customs, taxes, cancellations, returns, and customer support.