Discovering Mexico’s Top 5 Marketplaces for B2C Retail


Marketplaces have emerged as the preferred channel for online sales. In Mexico, these platforms are the top choice for consumers, offering convenience, variety, flexible payment options, and irresistible discounts. But they’re more than just places to shop – they’re also the perfect platforms for global businesses to showcase their brands to millions of potential customers.

If you’re thinking about selling online in Mexico, it’s time to discover the top marketplaces that dominate the scene. These digital hubs promise not just sales, but also opportunities for growth and success. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of e-commerce in Mexico with these top 5 marketplaces!

1. Mercado Libre:

Often referred to as the “Amazon of Latin America”, Mercado Libre stands as a major pure-play marketplace, boasting over 120 million monthly visits in Mexico. It offers sellers a significant opportunity to establish a digital presence and cultivate a strong online reputation within Mexico. Utilizing robust technology, Mercado Libre assesses sellers based on metrics such as delivery time, order cancellations, and overall client satisfaction. Consequently, many consumers favor this marketplace for their online shopping needs due to their trust in Mercado Libre’s reputation system. 

In terms of online sales growth, 2022 witnessed a remarkable total GMV of $6.31 billion, marking a notable 22% increase from the previous year. These figures underscore the immense popularity and consistent year-on-year growth of Mercado Libre in Mexico.

2. Amazon Mexico

Amazon Mexico stands as the country’s second-largest marketplace. Since its introduction to the Mexican market in 2013 with the sale of Kindle ebooks, Amazon has rapidly expanded its offerings to include physical goods starting in 2015. Currently, the platform garners over 100 million visits, marking a remarkable 200% increase from 2020, and boasts a robust user base of 50 million. In terms of sales, generated $3.3 billion in 2022, reflecting a 6% increase from 2021. Listing your products on offers greater exposure compared to solely offering international shipping to Mexico through 

3. Walmart Mexico

Established in Mexico in 1991 as the first Walmart outside the United States, today Walmart operates Bodega Aurrera, Superama, Sam’s Clubs, Hypermarkets, and Walmex. Its online marketplace attracts over 80 million monthly visits and hosts more than 3,000 registered sellers offering a diverse array of categories. With increasing popularity among Mexican shoppers, the marketplace experienced a notable 16% year-on-year increase in sales. In 2022, it concluded the year with $1.47 billion in online sales. Walmart Mexico offers a wide range of product categories, spanning from electronics to beauty, personal care, toys, home and kitchen, pets, and gardening.

4. Coppel

Coppel is a leading department store that operates across various channels. Their digital marketplace offers an extensive array of over 2,050 product categories, including home appliances, electronics, apparel, cosmetics, and toys. Drawing over 50 million monthly visitors, their online presence is strengthened through strategic promotions and advertising campaigns.

Following the pandemic, Coppel experienced substantial growth in digital sales, achieving an impressive 300% increase through their marketplace. A key contributing factor to this growth is Coppel’s provision of credit facilities for customers, with over 65% taking advantage of this option. This strategy enhances consumers’ purchasing power significantly, driving Coppel’s success. 

5. Liverpool

Liverpool is known as a company with a long-standing presence in the Mexican retail market, spanning over 170 years. In addition to its 123 physical stores, Liverpool operates a marketplace that boasts more than 34 million active users on the platform and 10 million downloads of its app. The surge in online marketplace activity occurred in 2020 amid the pandemic but has continued to grow steadily year after year. According to a report by Forbes Mexico, Liverpool has experienced over a 60% increase in sellers and over an 80% increase in buyers in recent years. In 2022, it recorded a 23% increase in online sales, closing the year with total online sales of $1.1 billion.

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