How to Successfully Sell on Amazon Mexico

Sell on Amazon Mexico

Are you an Amazon seller looking to tap into the thriving e-commerce market in Mexico? Look no further! In this article, we will unlock the potential of selling on Amazon Mexico and guide you through the steps to success.

Market potential in Mexico

Mexico is one of the biggest e-commerce markets in Latin America, growing at over 20% annually, with more than 63 million people buying stuff online. is the Amazon marketplace for shoppers in Mexico. Amazon initially entered the Mexican market in 2013, starting with the sale of Kindle ebooks. Thanks to its widespread appeal and close proximity to the United States, Amazon started selling physical goods in Mexico in 2015. Since 2017, they’ve introduced a Prime Program, mirroring the U.S. version, featuring perks like free shipping and access to Prime video.

Amazon Mexico Growth

Amazon Mexico is among the fastest-growing Amazon markets globally. Initially, Mexican shoppers who used to buy directly from shifted their preferences to This year, Amazon Mexico set a new record, emerging as one of the fastest-growing Amazon markets worldwide. According to SimilarWeb, this marketplace recorded 100 million monthly visitors, a staggering 150% increase from 2020.

Amazon Mexico Interest Over time (2015 - 2023)
Amazon’s Interest Growth in Mexico (2015-2023) According to Google Trends

Why sell on Amazon Mexico?

In addition to Amazon’s remarkable growth in Mexico, there are several reasons to consider expanding your business to this market.

Increased Exposure

Listing your products on provides greater exposure than simply offering international shipping to Mexico through the website. Shoppers generally prefer purchasing from sellers within their own marketplace, so by listing on Amazon Mexico, you enhance the visibility of your products.

Boost in sales

Mexicans are inclined to buy from international sellers for the variety of products and competitive prices they offer. Moreover, Amazon Mexico hosts its own sales events like HOT Sale and El Buen Fin, providing excellent opportunities for increased sales. Targeting Mexican consumers during these events can significantly boost your sales.

Improved Margins

Latin Americans are accustomed to higher prices due to inflation rates and import taxes. Expanding to Mexico allows you to set higher prices, potentially yielding better profit margins.

Key Considerations Before Selling on Amazon Mexico:

While Mexico’s proximity to the United States is advantageous, selling in this market comes with its own set of considerations. It’s crucial to adapt your listings, titles, and product descriptions to align with Mexican preferences. Additionally, ensuring your products comply with Mexican market standards is essential. Partnering with reliable shipping providers is equally important to guarantee the timely delivery of your products.

Here’s additional information on what to keep in mind when venturing into Amazon Mexico:

1. Regulations

Customs authorities in Mexico strictly regulate the types and characteristics of products permitted to enter the country. For instance, items like toys intended for children under 3 years old or leather products may face potential restrictions. Additionally, packages must not exceed a weight limit of 35 kilograms or dimensions larger than 125 cm (49 inches). It’s crucial to stay informed about Mexico’s latest regulations and compliance policies to avoid the possibility of your products getting stuck in customs for an extended period.

2. Shipping Costs

Certain shipping carriers may have higher rates in Mexico, potentially influencing the final prices of your products. It’s crucial to thoroughly analyze available alternatives and identify reliable shipping partners to guarantee timely deliveries.

3. Translations

To achieve optimal performance and secure the buy box, it’s essential that all your listings are accurately translated and tailored for Mexican consumers. Some companies make the mistake of translating content directly from English to Spanish without considering the effectiveness of those translated keywords in the local marketplace. It’s crucial to avoid literal translations and instead focus on optimizing your content for the Spanish-speaking audience. Keep in mind that certain English keywords may outperform their Spanish equivalents.

4. Customer support

Communicating with consumers in Spanish is crucial for building trust and maintaining a positive reputation. It’s essential to ensure that your team is capable of providing customer support in Spanish and responding to inquiries promptly.

5. Brand Awareness

If your brand isn’t widely recognized in Mexico, you may need to give it an extra boost to generate sales. Consider collaborating with influencers for brand promotion on social media or launching targeted advertising campaigns within Amazon.

Ways to start selling on Amazon Mexico

We’ll outline two methods for starting to sell on Amazon Mexico. The first is through the North American Unified Account program, which enables US sellers to open an account on Amazon Mexico. However, sellers are still required to create listings for Alternatively, any US business can sell on Mexican marketplaces through nocnoc. nocnoc allows sellers to expand their listings on Amazon Mexico without the need for a legal entity.

Let’s explore both options!

Selling in Mexico through North American Unified Account

The North American Unified Account allows US-based sellers to create and manage product listings across Amazon Canada and Amazon Mexico. This option is available for all Pro sellers with a minimum of 40 monthly sales on Amazon. Amazon operates a shared inventory pool for the United States, Canada, and Mexico, meaning the total inventory is applicable to all three countries. However, pricing is managed separately.

Despite its advantages, there are some drawbacks to this program. Sellers bear full responsibility for ensuring their products comply with the Mexican market and providing customer support in Spanish to Mexican consumers. Failure to comply may result in products being held up in customs. Additionally, if you’re handling shipping, you’ll need a Mexican address for returns.

Moreover, reviews do not carry over. They remain specific to the marketplace in which the product was sold and won’t transfer. Therefore, any new items or ASINs in an international marketplace start with no reviews, regardless of the review history in the US marketplace.

While the North American Unified Account simplifies the expansion process, it still requires effort and may pose challenges in generating sales from scratch.

Selling in Mexico through nocnoc – sales from day one!

We understand how overwhelming it can be for Amazon sellers to start doing business in other countries. Fortunately, nocnoc has developed a 360-degree solution that enables Amazon sellers to expand their products to Amazon Mexico, and 15 other marketplaces in as fast as 48 hours.

By registering here, sellers can start selling their products on nocnoc megastores within Amazon Mexico, benefiting from our high reputation as a trusted store in Mexico and ensuring conversion rates from day one.

nocnoc handles it all, from managing listings to last-mile deliveries, cancellations, returns, compliance, payments, and marketing campaigns. For your business, it’s like selling in your home country.

Our local experts are committed to helping sellers increase their sales in Mexico. They understand the Mexican market and know how to target consumers with products they want, at the correct prices, through successful marketing campaigns.

Not only do we offer support to end consumers, but we also provide a 360° service that includes pre-purchase, post-purchase, customs clearances, returns, and cancellations.

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