Prohibited and Restricted Products and Sellers Monitoring Policy

This Naten SAS (“nocnoc”) Prohibited and Restricted Products and Sellers Monitoring Policy applies to its operations and those of its subsidiaries, in conjunction with the nocnoc’s General Terms and Conditions for Sellers, nocnoc’s Tax and Customs Compliance Policy, nocnoc’s Know Your Seller’s Policy, and nocnoc’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Manual.


nocnoc is a company that offers intermediation services between Sellers from various regions of the world (“sellers”) and marketplaces operating in Latin America.

nocnoc’s services include facilitating and cross-border integrating sellers into e-commerce and marketplaces through a platform, as well as providing logistics for the delivery of products to end consumers.


This Prohibited and Restricted Products and Sellers Monitoring Policy brings together essential guidelines that Sellers using our platform must adhere to, ensuring the integrity of transactions and product offerings, as well as continuous compliance with our policies and the legislation of the jurisdictions where we operate, supporting the promotion of a safe and healthy environment for cross-border e-commerce.


It is not allowed to advertise products prohibited by this Policy, products explicitly forbidden by the prevailing laws in the jurisdictions where we operate, products for which specific authorization has not been granted by the competent regulatory bodies, products that infringe third party rights, or for which the Seller is not authorized to market.

It is the Sellers’ responsibility to guarantee the authenticity of all products offered for sale. Counterfeit items, replicas or items with misleading labels are strictly prohibited.

Sellers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to product sales, consumer protection, taxation, customs and labeling.


Prohibited Products include illegal, dangerous, intellectual property rights-violating, or guideline-breaking items on our platform. This encompasses but is not limited to, items that promote violence, hate speech, illegal substances, and other prohibited content in accordance with legislation and our attached list, which serves as an illustrative reference and sets the minimum standards for compliance. These items are subject to control and monitoring measures.

Products subject to specific regulatory requirements by public agencies are considered Restricted Products, as listed in the attached reference. If the requirements mandated by current legislation are not met, the product will be classified as a Prohibited Product, subject to control and monitoring measures.

Sellers must respect intellectual property rights and ensure that their products do not infringe trademarks, copyrights, patents, or any other intellectual property belonging to third parties. The advertisement or sale of any such products will be subject to the measures and penalties provided for in these Policies and in our Terms and Conditions.


nocnoc takes proactive measures to monitor, analyze, and remove ads deemed inappropriate. We employ technology and trained professionals to identify suspicious products or those that may be considered to infringe intellectual property rights, prohibited, or restricted without proper authorization for sale.

In the event of any product offering that does not comply with current laws and regulations or contravenes our policies, we will take immediate corrective measures, which may include the suspension of all products and temporary or definitive sales prerogatives, the liability of the Seller for all losses and damages that nocnoc or third parties may suffer as a result of improper marketing, the permanent withholding of existing or future transfer values, the adoption of legal measures and reporting to the competent authorities, including criminal authorities, if necessary.


We adhere to the prohibited and restricted product policies of the e-commerce platforms (“marketplaces”) with which we operate.

We provide guidance and educate Sellers on how to comply with marketplace rules and the penalties for violating their policies, which may contain rules that this Policy complements.

We reserve the right to reject product listings, request confirmation of provided information, edit, or remove listings on the e-commerce platform in the event of a violation of the Terms and Conditions or other policies.

nocnoc will maintain and disseminate lists of prohibited or restricted products to educate Sellers about the applicable rules. These lists are merely examples and there may be additional restrictions in the applicable legislation.


We adopt strict security policies in our operations; however, it is also the duty of Sellers to ensure the security of their accounts and access credentials to our platform. For this reason, we strongly recommend using strong passwords and advanced security measures.

nocnoc encourages sellers to immediately report any suspicious activities that occur on the platform.

In the event of suspicious incidents or transactions, sellers are obliged to cooperate fully with our anti-fraud team during the investigation process.


We maintain communication channels for continuous dialog with public entities, associations, companies, and intellectual property owners in order to constantly improve our processes.

We are vigilant about regulatory standards that impact our operations and are open to receiving suggestions, queries, complaints, claims, and reports through our channel [email protected].

    We are committed to providing Sellers and our collaborators with the resources and information to enhance their understanding of our policy and best practices for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.

This Policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure proper functionality and credibility in our partnerships.

By accepting and adhering to this policy, sellers play a key role in creating a reliable and secure online marketplace, fostering trust among buyers and contributing to a positive experience for all stakeholders.


Changes to established work processes must be approved by the Legal Department and duly documented.


  • Ammunition of any kind and firearms and all related products, including simulacra, military products and self-defense articles.
  • Toy guns.
  • Flora, fauna and derivatives, including the sale of plants, seeds and live animals. Products made from parts of endangered or illegally hunted animals.
  • Biological materials.
  • Wood-based products.
  • Health-related products, including medicines, vitamins, supplements and medical equipment.
  • Explosive chemicals and combustion products that could pose a risk. Corrosive or dangerous chemicals.
  • Pesticides, insecticides, pesticides and other related products.
  • Products containing viruses, Trojans, spyware or malicious code.
  • Food and drink products.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Tobacco products and related accessories, including electronic cigarettes, vapers, pods and any similar products.
  • Precious stones, jewelry and valuable paintings.
  • Products related to pornography and offensive content.
  • Products that promote hatred, intolerance or violence.
  • Antennas, decoders, gps repeaters, signal jammers, cell phone unlocking devices. wifi amplifiers.
  • Products that are not approved or certified when necessary by regulatory agencies.
  • Products originally manufactured and made available by the government.
  • Products with legal age restrictions. Products unsuitable for sale according to current legislation.
  • Products that violate intellectual property rights or the rights of third parties. Products that contain copyrighted content without permission.
  • Any product considered illegal under Brazilian law.


  • Food of any kind, alcoholic beverages.
  • Products for medical use
  • Live or dead animals, human remains, untreated skins, natural plants.
  • Firearms or their components, knives, machetes, ammunition.
  • Used articles or products.
  • Any article or product that could cause human harm.
  • Leather from exotic or endangered animals.
  • Mobile device: Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  • Drugs, narcotics or narcotics prohibited by law: cocaine, marijuana, opium, morphine; narcotics, narcotics and psychotropic drugs and psychotropic drugs in general. cigars, cigarettes, even electronic ones.
  • Explosives, toxins, corrosives, oxidizing products, matches.
  • Compressed gases, flammable items, aerosol paint, tear gas, hair spray, deodorants in the same presentation.
  • Dry ice.
  • Rhinestones (precious stones, diamonds, emeralds, etc.)
  • Liquids and powders in general (except perfumes. No more than 3 can be included in the same order)
  • Counterfeit “piracy” material.
  • Biological material / Radioactive material.
  • Electric skateboards
  • Type A batteries.
  • Hearing aids for medical use
  • Bearer securities (checks, shares, bonds, paper money, coins, etc.)
  • Platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or not.
  • Jewelry and other precious objects, including natural, cultured or synthetic pearls.
  • Flammable liquids, Oxidizing materials, Flammable solids.
  • Poisons: liquid, solid or gaseous.
  • Asbestos.
  • Paints, varnishes and similar substances, such as colored and uncolored dry powders.
  • Any goods requiring CHAS intervention.
  • Any goods requiring intervention by INAL. Any item requiring SENASA or Fauna and Flora approval.
  • Flora Certificate (Flowers, honey, mother-of-pearl, flowers or skins).
  • Medicines, furniture parts for medicines, household cleaning products, insecticides.
  • Car parts (not all):
    Conventional shock absorbers, except the Mc Person type
    Seats and their anchors
    Triangular beacons
    Vacuum pumps (depressors)
    Rack and pinion steering gears
    Protective helmets for vehicle use
    Seat belts
    Rear-view mirrors
    Windscreen wiper system and its parts, brushes, motor arm and linkage
    Steering ends and ball joints
    Lamps, vehicle lighting and signaling systems (internal LEDs)
    Brake fluid
    Extinguishers (fire extinguishers)
    Brake pads and bands
    Wheels that are shipped by PA 8708.70.90 and 8716.90.90 only tires without tires for buses, trailers and semi-trailers.
    Trailer and semi-trailer coupling system
    Swivel locks for road transportation of containers.
    Automotive safety glass