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Latin America's 2nd Largest Economy

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Mexico's e-commerce market in numbers

LATAM's largest market
E-Commerce market
Annual growth

Why sell in Mexico?

As the second-largest e-commerce market in Latin America, projected to reach a value of $114 billion by 2025, Mexico presents vast opportunities for global expansion. Mexicans are accustomed to purchasing from international sellers, with 8 out of 10 Mexicans making cross-border purchases. Their proximity to the US fosters similar consumer behaviors and demands.

Additionally, with social media and internet penetration reaching 72% of the population, Mexicans have a growing appetite for international products. Mexico also hosts numerous well-known marketplaces providing sellers with ample opportunities to reach and target consumers.


Selling in Mexico’s marketplaces

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How nocnoc works

nocnoc is the largest cross-border online store in Latin America. We’re a one-stop solution helping global brands and retailers make their e-commerce feel right at home in the region. We do the heavy lifting and take care of cultural differences, logistical loops, and financial hurdles.

With our solution, as a global retailer, you can sell your products across 15 marketplaces in less than 48 hours without having to open an account on each marketplace. Instead, your products are featured in our megastores, already a favorite among Latin Americans. See an instant uptick in conversion rates as your goods take the limelight in a market rooted in trust and loyalty.

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