How to start selling on Walmart Mexico


Are you a retailer considering expanding your e-commerce reach beyond borders? Look towards Walmart Mexico! In this article, we’ll explore the untapped potential of selling on Walmart Mexico’s platform and walk you through the strategies for success.

Stay tuned as we reveal the secrets to thriving in the Mexican e-commerce landscape with Walmart as your partner.

About Walmart Mexico

Walmart is the world’s largest multinational retail corporation, specializing in supermarkets and discount department stores. As of 2023, Walmart operates approximately 10,600 stores across more than 20 countries. This American supermarket chain has a highly extensive presence in Mexico, where it operates a network of over 3,000 physical stores.

The primary website in Mexico ( draws approximately 27 million unique visitors monthly, showcasing its extensive customer reach with an annual sales growth of over 40%. The physical stores, spread across the country, are equipped with kiosks offering services to e-commerce platforms, including their cross-border program. These kiosks attract customers and generate both online and offline traffic. In Mexico, over 50% of e-commerce shoppers engage in cross-border purchases, relying on the company’s reputation and recognition.

Mexico’s E-commerce Market Potential

Mexico leads the world in the speed of online shopping growth. E-commerce market revenues are expected to reach $38.35 billion by 2024, with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) of 11.26%. In terms of user numbers, projections estimate a rise to 118.2 million by 2029, with a penetration rate of 90.2%. Additionally, major online events like Hot Sale and Black Friday have further fueled the popularity of online shopping.

Moreover, it has been observed that Mexican customers typically seek out items that are trending in other countries, making it possible for them to perform well in Mexico. Also, it’s important to highlight that Mexico has various governmental agreements with other countries, which allows it to easily bring in products.

Mexico’s Cross-border opportunity

In addition to the mentioned trade agreements, customer acquisition is on the rise in Mexico. People are increasingly connecting to the Internet and searching for affinity items that are sometimes only available in other countries. This is where Walmart comes into play to facilitate customers’ access to these products.

Mexico boasts the highest cross-border e-commerce sales volume in Latin America. It holds a 22% share of cross-border e-commerce, with an annual growth rate of 38%. Eight out of ten Mexican consumers purchased cross-border products in 2022. Mexican consumers are accustomed to buying international brands and products due to limited local availability or more affordable prices in the United States.

Advantages of cross-border selling

  1. Expand your consumer base and sales potential.
  2. Allows for diversification among different marketplaces, crucial for sustained growth.
  3. Provides the opportunity to test the market before a large-scale expansion, enabling brands to gauge product popularity and consumer behavior.

The importance of marketplaces in Mexico cannot be underestimated. Over 80% of online sales in Latin America come from marketplaces. According to a survey, 40% of consumers prefer to shop on these platforms. Diversification across multiple marketplaces is vital for accessing different consumer segments and maximizing sales potential.

Key Considerations Before Selling in Mexico

There are certain things to consider before starting to sell, such as localization, understanding import restrictions, suitability of products for the market, and accurate translations. Customer satisfaction is a key pillar, requiring personalized and efficient attention. Reputation management is crucial for building trust among Mexican consumers, as marketplace ratings greatly influence purchasing decisions. 

Identifying platforms with high consumer traffic is essential to maximize visibility and sales. Pricing and marketing strategies must be tailored to the Mexican market to remain competitive and attract customers.

Tips for Success Selling on Walmart Marketplace

For domestic commerce, the top-selling categories include electronics in general, large appliances, furniture, and mattresses. In the cross-border realm, it’s a bit different because package deliveries are more affordable for customers than large-size deliveries. So, products with good sales include mobile phones, computers, and other smaller electronic items. There’s also growing development in domestic categories. Apparel, health, and beauty are the top-selling categories for Walmart.

In Mexico, there’s a governmental dependency called the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS), which oversees regulations for all health and beauty products. It aims to safeguard buyers using these products. Therefore, it’s important to note that you need to own a certified brand to resell products on Walmart.

The easiest way to start selling on Walmart Mexico

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