How We Became Walmart’s Top-Selling Store in a Week


In the vast world of e-commerce, where billions of products compete for attention, imagine receiving a message from Walmart confirming that you are its #1 top-seller across the entire marketplace.  Amidst +100,000,000 products and +150 categories, we claimed the first position in the BuyBox and, for an entire month, held the title of Walmart’s top-selling item in Mexico.

About Walmart Mexico

Established in Mexico in 1991 as the first Walmart outside the United States, today Walmart operates Bodega Aurrera, Superama, Sam’s Clubs, Hypermarkets, and Walmex. Walmart’s online marketplace garners over 80 million monthly visits and hosts more than 3000 registered sellers offering a diverse range of categories.

Becoming Walmart’s top-selling store

Now, let’s delve deeper into how we became Walmart’s top-selling store. It all began a month before Mexico’s Buen Fin event. For those unfamiliar, Buen Fin is Mexico’s equivalent to Black Friday, occurring from Nov 17 to Nov 20. Millions of Mexicans eagerly await this date to make purchases on e-commerce stores and secure deals before the year concludes. Therefore, a month in advance, we started refining our strategy for Mexico’s marketplaces.

We already had over +56,660 products published across Walmart, and we were planning discounts for 10% of our catalog. Researching to identify products with the most potential for success, we observed a specific item gaining popularity on TikTok and Instagram. Influencers in the United States were talking about it, and we anticipated its rapid popularity in Mexico. This product was the Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter from Fisher-Price, capturing massive online audiences with its irresistible charm.

While we were already selling this product in Brazil through our stores, we recognized a significant opportunity to boost Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter’s sales even further in Mexico. Without hesitation, after noting its growing popularity, we initiated discussions with the Walmart team to plan a collaborative effort. Our strategy began with setting up Killer Discounts. Two weeks before El Buen Fin, we implemented a 7% discount on our end, and Walmart also offered a discount from their side. The results were remarkable. Sales for the second week of November skyrocketed, witnessing a staggering increase of 4367%.

Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter Week-by-week growth rate – (units sold on nocnoc stores), November 2023

These killer discounts propelled us to the first page, securing a prominent spot on the ‘Best Deals‘ and ‘Most Searched Products‘ pages instantly. With over 50 million people visiting the Walmart marketplace in the weeks leading up to El Buen Fin, our deal was showcased to all of them!

This, of course, not only heightened our store visibility within the marketplace but also elevated our presence on Google and Bing. We secured the top position in Google Shopping for multiple keywords, including ‘nutria Fisher Price,’ which received over 200,000 searches in November, according to Ubersuggest.

And it didn’t stop there. We also negotiated with Walmart to send push-up notifications on mobile, reaching 15 million app users during the most critical times for online shopping.

In addition to our negotiations with Walmart, many, dozens, and hundreds of influencers began creating content featuring the otter, directing their followers to discover the otter in our stores.

Furthermore, Infobae wrote an article about the otter’s success in Mexico, guiding readers on where to find the otter, featuring Walmart and the price our publication had for the product. Naturally, upon entering Walmart, we were the first option. Organic promotion of our stores, check.

All of these efforts resulted in significant sales. In November, thanks to our collaborative efforts with Walmart, we achieved a weekly average growth rate of 1568%. Even several weeks after El Buen Fin, we continued to be the primary listing for the otter plushie and retained our presence on the ‘Most Searched’ and ‘Most Purchased’ pages.

Top selling in Coppel marketplace

Walmart was not the only marketplace where we achieved the top position. Thanks to our intensive multi-marketplace strategy, we also became the top-selling store on Coppel, Mexico’s third-largest marketplace. We engaged in negotiations with Coppel to increase discounts up to 17%, and as soon as sales started to grow, we featured prominently in the ‘Most Searched Products‘ list.

Final Conclusions

This serves as an example of our dedication to elevating the ranking of products and brands, achieving rapid growth from 1 to 100 in just a couple of weeks. Our in-depth understanding of the Latin American market, coupled with the expertise of our team and our adept negotiation skills with marketplaces, positions nocnoc as the top solution for retailers looking to boost sales of their products in Latin America.


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