Mexican HOT Sale: 5 tips for more sales


As May approaches, so does one of the largest and most important events for e-commerce in Latin America: Hot Sale. This annual event promotes online shopping and drives the growth of e-commerce, benefiting various brands and sellers across the region. Participating countries in Hot Sale include Mexico and Argentina, while others such as Colombia, Brazil, and Chile also offer attractive discounts.

Despite the high competition during this period, international brands find an excellent opportunity to stand out above local sellers. The chance for consumers to access products not locally available, along with exclusive offers, undoubtedly influences their purchasing decisions.

What are the benefits of participating in Hot Sale?

Increased Sales: The most significant benefit is increased sales. Buyers prepare to take advantage of the diverse offerings with highly attractive discounts and promotions. According to the 2024 Hot Sale Shopping Expectations report by AMVO, in 2023, the event reached $1.75 billion in Mexico, representing a 28% growth. This year, 7 out of 10 people intend to make at least one purchase during the campaign, with an estimated 5 out of 10 buyers making their purchases online.

Greater Visibility: Participating in such a significant event increases the visibility of your products and helps you reach a wider audience. For new brands, it’s an excellent way to introduce themselves, while for established brands, it increases visits. According to AMVO’s study, over 220 million people visited participating Hot Sale sites during the previous edition.

Acquisition of New Customers: The attractive discounts and promotions during Hot Sale attract new buyers who hadn’t previously considered purchasing your products. This is beneficial for expanding your customer base, potentially turning them into loyal buyers in the future.

Better Preparedness for Future Events: Offering your products during Hot Sale can provide valuable insights into your customers’ buying behavior, their primary interests, and which products fail to capture their attention, among other things. With this information, you can improve your product catalog to better suit your audience’s needs and make your offers more efficient. This way, you’ll be better prepared to participate in other major events such as Black Friday, Buen Fin, and Cyber Monday.

Hot Sale: 5 Tips for Success

This year, both search and sales growth are projected during the event. Here are the five most important tips you need to know to stand out in this year’s Hot Sale:

Be Present on Different Marketplaces: Nowadays, product offerings are diversified across various channels or platforms, such as marketplaces. In Latin America, buyers can choose from a wide variety of marketplaces based on their preferences. In 2023, the marketplaces that attracted the most visitors were led by Amazon, followed by Mercado Libre, Shein, and Walmart. Therefore, selling your products on more than one marketplace is essential to maximize your sales.

Optimize Your Product Catalog: Understanding what consumers will be searching for and buying during Hot Sale dates is key to offering them exactly what they want. Analyzing current trends and identifying high-potential products will make a difference in your sales this year. In 2023, the most searched categories during the event were apparel and footwear, electronics, furniture, home decor, sports and fitness, and cosmetics and beauty.

Implement a Smart Pricing Strategy: The most attractive aspect of this event and what motivates consumers to buy are the prices. Many people prefer to save and wait for the date to purchase products and services with discounts or highly tempting promotions. Therefore, your pricing strategy should be attractive enough to achieve the best sales results. According to AMVO, discounts exceeding 21% were the most popular in 2023.

Effective Marketing Strategies: Implementing marketing strategies can further increase traffic to your store and, therefore, increase the visibility of your products. Considering that during this event, various brands will be offering discounts to position their products, adding marketing strategies to your proposal can make a difference. Marketplaces like Mercado Libre offer different advertising campaign options to ensure your target audience sees your products. Another strategy that is increasingly important is partnering with influencers. They provide greater credibility to a brand or product and generate more trust among buyers. However, before working with an influencer, it’s important to understand their target audience, the composition of their follower community, their reach, and other relevant metrics.

Maintain a Good Online Reputation: The reputation you maintain as a seller is extremely important because it will determine whether your customers want to continue trusting you to make their purchases. Certain steps are necessary to achieve a good reputation, such as ensuring your orders are delivered on time, that your customers receive the products in perfect condition, and responding quickly to both pre- and post-sale queries from your buyers. Addressing their possible complaints and providing the best possible solution is also important, as is guaranteeing relevant and accurate information about your products. Sellers who cannot meet all these requirements will have a negative reputation, which will ultimately impact their sales.

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