What to expect for Black Friday in Brazil 2023

Black Friday Brazil 2023

Black Friday 2023 is just around the corner! This year holds even greater promise for online sales in Brazil throughout November. As an international retailer, this is your chance to tap into the Brazilian market and skyrocket your sales for Peak Season.

Why Black Friday is so important in Brazil?

Brazil holds the title of the largest e-commerce market in Latin America and ranks as the 10th largest globally. With 150 million online shoppers, Black Friday’s importance in the Brazilian economy keeps growing each year.

In the 2022 edition, an astonishing $3.3 billion USD was spent on Thursday and Friday. To put this into perspective, Black Friday sales witnessed a 940% surge compared to an average day and accounted for 10.5% of the entire year’s sales.

However, it’s not limited to just Black Friday that yields impressive results. In addition to capitalizing on this date for significant sales, you can further enhance your outcomes by participating in events like Singles’ Day on November 11 or Cyber Monday on November 27.

The recent success of Black Friday in Brazil can be attributed in part to the substantial efforts made by marketplaces and retailers. Marketplace sales represent over 80% of the total e-commerce sales in Brazil, with all marketplaces investing in campaigns to attract consumers. In 2021, investments in social media and advertising saw an astonishing increase of 162% compared to previous years.

Black Friday Duration in Brazil

Black Friday in Brazil coincides with the same date as in the U.S., falling on November 24th. This synchrony has led many consumers to seek purchases from international retailers, aiming to acquire products either unavailable or priced higher locally. As a result, Brazilian marketplaces have streamlined cross-border sales, enabling American sellers to showcase their products within their platforms. Consequently, millions of Brazilians have transitioned from direct purchases on Amazon U.S. to acquiring the same products through local stores.

Several Brazilian marketplaces, including Magalu, Mercado Libre, and Americanas, initiate their Black Friday preparations a month in advance. They often request sellers to lock in their prices a week before the event. The remarkable success of this campaign has led some marketplaces to extend their offers beyond the traditional period, resulting in events like Black Month or Black November.

Black Friday Outlook for 2023

Black Friday 2022 witnessed remarkable growth in certain categories compared to the previous year. The toys and games segment, for instance, experienced an impressive 28% increase. The electronics segment grew by 9.5%, and home and decoration saw a 9% uptick. Looking ahead to 2023, the outlook is even more favorable. The dollar has stabilized below R$5, and inflation is on the decline. According to Google’s latest survey, 67% of Brazilians plan to make Black Friday purchases, with seven out of ten consumers intending to match or exceed their spending from the previous year—a 5% increase compared to 2022 expectations.

Top Growing Categories Black Friday Brazil

Average spending per person

Shifting gears to the average spending per person, last year saw it standing at $100. However, Google’s 2023 research indicates that one in four consumers anticipates spending more than $200. This emerging trend opens up exciting opportunities for high-ticket products in the market.

One of the key drivers behind this increased spending intent is the growing optimism about personal purchasing power. The survey reveals that 68% of Brazilians believe their own financial capacity for making purchases will improve by the end of the year, marking a substantial 23% increase compared to 2022 expectations.

Black Friday Online Sales Surpass Physical Sales

A recent survey conducted by MField has reaffirmed that Brazilian consumers have a strong preference for buying from online retailers. The findings indicate that more than 75% of consumers now prefer to make their purchases from online stores, with 56% of them exclusively opting for online shopping, while a mere 3.9% restrict their purchases solely to physical brick-and-mortar stores. Several factors have contributed to this robust online preference. These include marketplaces’ investments in social media and advertising, more competitive pricing, the use of discount coupons, and the opportunity to earn cashback rewards.

Top-Selling Categories in Brazil

It is crucial to grasp which categories will likely drive the most online sales during Black Friday. To gain this insight, we conducted research analyzing cross-border sales across several marketplaces. Our findings reveal the top 5 categories based on those that have recorded the highest sales:

  • Electronics: This category includes smartphones, streaming media players, headphones, tablets, speakers, and computer accessories.
  • Toys and games: These include action figures, licensed toys, dolls, didactic toys, board games, and DIY kits.
  • Home & kitchen appliances: This category covers cake makers, waffle makers, mixers, air fryers, blenders, and coffee makers.
  • Beauty & personal care: Here, you’ll find cosmetics, perfumes, moisturizers, serums, skincare products, hair products, vitamins, and supplements.
  • Fashion: This includes women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Furthermore, in a survey conducted by Globo, Brazilian consumers were asked what they would buy on Black Friday 2023. Over 24% expressed a desire for new smart devices, closely followed by 22% showing interest in apparel and shoes. Additionally, 20% wanted to buy perfumes and cosmetics, while 19% were keen on home electronics like TVs and audio equipment. Lastly, 15% of respondents were looking to purchase home appliances such as mixers and blenders.

Marketplaces that drive most sales during Black Friday

Mercado Livre

Mercado Livre is one of the largest marketplaces in Brazil, boasting over 73 million active buyers. In the previous year, this marketplace garnered a whopping 350 million visits during the Black Friday week. Notably, 2022 was a historic year for Mercado Livre in Brazil, marked by a remarkable 19% surge in gross sales. For this edition, the marketplace will launch a robust campaign to attract consumers and will offer free shipping, as well as cashback and discounts on multiple categories.


Americanas, another of Brazil’s major marketplaces, has its own unique way of celebrating Black Friday. They’ve renamed it ‘Red Friday,’ inspired by the distinct red color associated with this marketplace. Each year, this marketplace actively engages in compelling campaigns to attract +150 million customers to its virtual storefronts.

‘Red Friday’ is entirely conducted in the digital realm and is promoted through the Americanas website and its social media profiles. Additionally, Americanas collaborates with partners and influencers for online initiatives, such as live streams and advertisements on platforms like YouTube. In recent years, the ‘Red Friday’ strategy has even extended to television. 


Magalu, the third most visited marketplace in Brazil, doesn’t fall behind. Magalu consistently presents enticing offers and discounts that can go as high as 80% off, complemented by a generous cashback of 20%. Magalu offers significant discounts on a wide range of categories, including electronics, smartphones, notebooks, household appliances, small appliances, beauty products, as well as toys and games.

Casas Bahia

Casas Bahia is widely recognized among Brazilians for its commitment to offering affordable prices, secure shopping experiences, and astonishing discounts. With a monthly traffic of +45 million visits, this marketplace provides customers with a multitude of advantages.  Shoppers can revel in discounts across multiple categories, take advantage of promotions on the most coveted products, pocket money-saving coupons, and opt for convenient installment payment plans.

Carrefour Brazil

Black Friday kicks off early at the Carrefour marketplace, with discounts starting on November 21 and extending through November 24. This extended period offers customers unmissable deals and discounts. Drawing in over 30 million visitors during Black Friday, Carrefour provides discounts on thousands of products, along with free shipping and coupons.

Expand to Brazilian Marketplaces for Black Friday

Marketplaces Brazil

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