Singles’ Day: the new “Black Friday” to boost online sales in Latin America

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November is by far the best month for online sales. Over the years, consumers liked the idea of getting huge deals before Christmas, and thus Black Friday and Cyber Monday became popular in Latin America.

However, there is another commercial day that is gaining awareness and that sellers should put on their calendars: Singles’ day

Many Latin American marketplaces are taking advantage of this commercial day, making it a huge opportunity for cross-border US sellers to increase their sales in Latin America before the end of the year.

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day, also known as Double 11, is the biggest 24-hour online shopping festival in the world and takes place on 11th November each year.

Originated in China, Singles’ day is spreading worldwide and smashing eCommerce records globally. While online spending totaled $8.9 billion on Black Friday last year, this Chinese festivity exceeded $139 billion.

Singles’ Day in Latin America

With over 650 million consumers, Latin America is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets in the world, and everything points to continuous growth. According to Beyond Borders, eCommerce is expected to grow 30% every year through 2025.

In recent years, Singles’ day gained impressive popularity in Latin America, and many stores and marketplaces saw this as an opportunity to attract more consumers by celebrating this festive day. 

Major marketplaces like Amazon, Americanas, Mercado Libre, Ponto Frio, and Carrefour generated a lot of awareness by offering huge discounts on many product categories. This, indeed, helped sellers to start generating more sales previous to Black Friday.

Singles’ day in Brazil

Brazilian marketplaces are aware of this shopping boom generated by 11:11, and in the last few years, they have invested a lot of money in marketing campaigns and offering huge discounts.

This is the case of Americanas, the largest Brazilian store with millions of products in more than 40 categories. Last year, Americanas partnered with several influencers to boost their sales during Singles’ day and did a live-streaming session that lasted 2 hours. Hosted by Octaviano Costa, a famous reporter with over 10 million followers, the 11:11 live stream was a complete success and got the attention of 3 million consumers.

Another great example is Ponto Frio, one of the largest marketplaces in Brazil that reaches over 127 million visitors every month. As part of their campaign, Ponto Frío offered consumers coupons of 30% discount to use on 11:11 and free shipping on thousands of products. 
Carrefour, the second largest retailer worldwide, has more than 45 million clients and participates in this important event. Last year, Carrefour offered significant discounts on several products as well as free shipping.

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