5 Interesting Facts About Black Friday in Latin America

Black Friday Latin America Facts

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets in the world, reaching millions of people who have access to online shopping. As a result, many shopping festivities like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Singles’ day are now part of Latin American shopping culture.

During the past years, Black Friday has become the largest online shopping event in Latin America, leading to a huge volume of sales in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

There are many interesting facts about Black Friday in Latin America, which we will show in this article.

  1. Black Friday Growth
  2. Consumer Awareness and Buying Intention
  3. Black Friday is not just a day
  4. Top product categories
  5. Top Marketplaces

Black Friday Growth

The massive adoption of this shopping event in Latin America is mainly explained by the boom of eCommerce and digital sales, which are expected to grow 30% every year through 2025.

In Brazil, the largest eCommerce market in Latin America, Black Friday sales in 2021 increased by 5% compared to 2020, despite the high inflation rates. In terms of average spending, in 2021 people spent 16% more on online sales than in 2020. 

Black Friday sales in Argentina incremented by 20% in 2021 compared with the previous year. In Mexico, online sales in November increased by 45% compared to 2020.

Consumer Awareness and Buying Intention

Every year, the biggest eCommerce stores and Marketplaces in Latin America develop effective marketing campaigns to raise awareness of Black Friday, and also increase buying intention through online channels. Last year, social media and advertising investments increased by 162% compared to previous years. 

98% of Brazilian consumers are aware of Black Friday and almost 65% of them have the habit of shopping online during this festivity. In other Latin American countries, the buying intention varies from 50 to 70%, which is high for the region.

Black Friday is not just a day

Unlike other regions, Black Friday in Latin America is not just “the day after Thanksgiving”.  Most stores start promoting Black Friday at the beginning of November and continue until the end of the month. This is great news for sellers who want to take advantage of Black Friday’s massive popularity all month, and not just a particular day. In 2022, sales are expected to be concentrated between the 17th and 29th of November, so if you are looking to maximize your sales, you should make discounts before the 17th.

Top product categories 

Recent studies from Smarket revealed that the most popular product categories in Black Friday 2021, in Brazil, were electronics and home appliances. The top products sold in this category were TVs, TV stands, smartphones, sound bars and smartwatches. Yet, according to Ebanx, other categories also had an impressive amount of sales in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina,  such as fashion & apparel, toys & games, and cosmetics & perfumes.

Top Marketplaces

Latin America has a diverse landscape of online marketplaces, and all of them participate in Black Friday. Not only Amazon and Walmart offer huge deals and coupons, but also other big marketplaces like Mercado Livre, Americanas, Casas Bahia, Extra, Falabella, Ponto Frio, and Linio, among many others.

Mercado Livre, the largest online marketplace in Latin America, is attracting millions of consumers every Black Friday with irresistible offers. For the 2022 edition, they started promoting Black Friday at the end of October and are offering discounts of up to 70%, as well as free shipping and extra coupons.

Other marketplaces like Ponto Frio or Casas Bahia are offering free coupons and free shipping, as well as attractive discounts.

Apart from discounts, other marketplaces like Americanas are investing in huge marketing campaigns, partnering with influencers and producing live streaming sessions. 

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