Top 5 Marketplaces in Brazil – and how to access them

top 5 marketplaces brazil

As the largest economy in Latin America and the 10th largest eCommerce market in the world, Brazil has a diverse landscape of marketplaces that contribute to its economic success.

In the last decade, marketplaces consolidated their position in the Brazilian market, playing a vital role in the country’s economic growth. In 2021, marketplaces’ sales revenue reached a total of 33.8 billion USD, representing 78% of the eCommerce market revenue. This number is expected to grow in the coming years, reaching a total of 86.5 billion USD in sales by 2025.

While the United States is mainly led by one marketplace (Amazon), the case of Brazil is completely different. eCommerce in Brazil is constantly evolving and highly fragmented, with multiple platforms competing on a level playing field. Moreover, sellers who offer their products through more than one online channel have up to 35% more sales than those who only rely on a single platform. Some of the most-established players in Brazil include Mercado Libre, Americanas, Amazon Brazil, Casas Bahia, and Extra.

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Mercado Libre

mercado libre brazil

Mercado Libre is the biggest player in the Brazilian eCommerce market. With more than 73 million active buyers, Mercado Libre Brazil (Mercado Livre) is the largest marketplace in America Latina. In fact, it represents 55% of ML total buyers, staying ahead of Argentina (25%) and Mexico (15%). 

ML in Brazil is also the most visited eCommerce. It has over 272 million monthly visitors per month, representing 40% of total ML visitors.

The success of this large marketplace is based on providing a great experience to customers. Sellers receive a score depending on the number of successful sales, customer satisfaction, cancellations, and other parameters. Having a positive reputation helps sellers to perform better in their sales and get more exposure.


americanas brazil

Americanas is a Brazilian eCommerce that was launched in 1999 by Lojas Americanas, the sixth-largest retailer in Brazil.  In 2006, Americanas, Submarino, and Shoptime merged to create B2W – the largest online Brazilian eCommerce group. 

With more than 130 million monthly visitors per month, Americanas is the largest marketplace of the B2W group and the second-largest online marketplace in Brazil.

Regarding the product range, Americanas has over 40 million different products that cover different categories. Some of the most popular categories are electronics & media, toys & games, fashion, as well as furniture & appliances.

In addition, in 2021 this Brazilian marketplace generated global net sales of over 2 billion USD. This meant a growth of 39.2% compared to the previous year.


amazon brazil

As one of the largest eCommerce stores in Brazil, Amazon attracts 92 million visitors per month. This marketplace has gained a lot of popularity among Brazilian consumers and traffic is increasing by 100% year-on-year.

In 2017 Amazon Brazil launched stores with selling partners that span multiple categories, including books, electronics, home appliances, office supplies, fashion, and sports.

To this day, it has 12 fulfillment centers across the country and two-day delivery for Prime members in more than 1000 cities. 

According to The Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption, in 2021 Amazon had sales in goods for over a billion USD.

Casas Bahia

casas bahia brazil

Casas Bahia is part of Via Varejo, the second-largest eCommerce group in Brazil.  

Founded six decades ago, Casas Bahia has a strong connection with all Brazilians. It is recognized as one of the Top of Mind brands and one of Brazil’s most valuable brands, according to Interbrand consulting ranking.

Offering a wide range of products, Casas Bahia has 84 million visitors per month and has one of the most popular apps in Brazil, with 50 million downloads.


extra brazil

Part of the Via Varejo Group, Extra has been operating in the domestic market for 17 years, exclusively in 1P and 3P eCommerce.

In 2013, Extra become the first eCommerce site to offer a marketplace platform in Brazil, strengthening its online position. To this day, this marketplace has over 38 million active users and more than 70.000 registered sellers. Key verticals include electronics, home appliances, toys and games, and furniture.

How to access Brazil’s marketplaces

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