Children’s Day Brazil 2023: Strategies for E-commerce Sales

Childrens Day Brazil eCommerce Sales

One of the highly anticipated events for e-commerce in Brazil is rapidly approaching – Children’s Day, or as it’s known in Portuguese, “Dia das Crianças”. This occasion presents a prime opportunity for parents to purchase gifts for their children while sharing quality time together. The outlook for 2023 is remarkably positive, with projected sales surpassing $1.6 billion.

When is Brazil’s Children’s Day?

Children’s Day in Brazil is celebrated on the 12th of October, marking this special occasion consistently on the same date every year. In 2023, the celebration falls on a Friday, allowing families to make the most of the weekend for festive activities.

Brazil’s Children’s Day e-commerce sales

This special shopping event significantly influences e-commerce sales, with online sales volume increasing year by year.

According to data gathered in a survey by the Network, the weekend preceding Children’s Day in 2021 witnessed a remarkable 57% surge in online sales compared to the previous year. Noteworthy sectors that experienced substantial growth included leisure and entertainment (46%), toys (30%), clothing (28%), bookstores (22%), and games (20%).

In the following year, 2022, e-commerce sales continued to grow during the Children’s Day week, exhibiting a substantial 26% rise in comparison to the previous year’s period. The Cielo do Varejo Ampliado Index (ICVA) reported that the entertainment segment took the lead with an outstanding 23% growth, closely followed by home appliances and electronics (16%), books and stationery (15.8%), clothing (10%), and various other categories (13%).

As we look forward to 2023, sales are projected to maintain their robust performance, with an expected sales figure surpassing $1.6 billion.

When do Brazilians start buying for Childrens’ Day?

When do Brazilians start buying for Childrens’ Day?

The onset of Children’s Day online shopping usually begins approximately 3 to 2 weeks ahead of the event, varying slightly based on the category of each gift. The peak in online sales typically occurs during the span of 1 to 2 weeks before the occasion. In 2022, online searches for toys and games began to increase on September 18th, reaching their highest peak on October 8th, according to Google Trends.

Google Trends: Toy searches in Brazil for Children's Day
Toys & game searches in Brazil, 2022 (Google Trends)

This year, online sales will be concentrated between the weekend of September 23rd and the weekend of October 8th.

As per the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL), the average consumer plans to acquire 2.2 gifts, allocating an approximate expenditure of $47 USD per gift – a notable increase of $9 USD from the figures of 2021.

Best-Selling Product Categories for Children’s Day in Brazil

Best-Selling Product Categories for Children's Day in Brazil

Broadly speaking, toys dominate the purchasing preferences at 58%, closely followed by clothing at 35%, themed dolls and figures at 30%, video games at 23%, and board games at 22%.

Let’s delve into each category to gain a comprehensive understanding of the products that contribute to higher sales.

Toys and Games: Within the realm of e-commerce in Brazil, toys and games stand as a formidable category, experiencing a substantial surge in sales during October, primarily due to Children’s Day. This category includes licensed toys, action figures, themed and baby dolls, dollhouses, plush toys, cars, dinosaurs, and cooking sets.

Educational and Learning Toys: The appeal of educational and learning toys has steadily risen over the years. Noteworthy bestsellers include construction blocks, puzzles, numerical building blocks, whiteboards, and playing cards.

Electronics: Some parents opt to present their children with tech gifts like smartphones, tablets, speakers, and other compact electronic devices.

Outdoor and Playground: The trend of outdoor games is burgeoning in Brazil, with offerings ranging from beach games, football balls, children’s bicycles to inflatable pools & inflatable toys.

Books: The preference for books remains strong, extending beyond traditional formats to encompass musical books and educational books infused with interactive games.

Strategies to Boost Children’s Day Sales

Children Day Sales Brazil ecommece Strategy

1. Prepare In Advance

To maximize your sales potential during Children’s Day, preparing in advance is key. With many parents commencing their gift searches two weeks ahead, establishing your commercial strategy at least a month prior is crucial. While the transactions are executed by adults, it’s crucial to recognize that, more often than not, the ultimate decision-maker behind the purchase is the child. Thus, it’s imperative to monitor the products, characters, and items that are captivating the desires of the young audience in Brazil for 2023.

2. Establishing Brand Awareness Beyond Marketplaces

Brazilians are significantly influenced by content they encounter on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. A study reveals that more than 55% Brazilians have made purchases influenced by social media and influencer recommendations. Consequently, expanding brand visibility beyond marketplaces is vital to connect with a larger audience interested in your products. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and influencer marketing can be game-changers for boosting sales.

3. Strategic Pricing Approaches

As highlighted by the CNDL, a substantial 79% of consumers engage in price research prior to making gift purchases. This underscores the significance of scrutinizing prices and conducting competitor comparisons. Additionally, the creation of impactful discount structures, coupon offerings, or “Deal of the day” initiatives proves pivotal in capturing consumer attention and motivating purchase decisions. Well-executed discount campaigns can yield remarkable results, with sales for specific products witnessing an enhancement of over 200%.

4. Marketplace Banners and Ads

Enhancing your strategy within marketplaces is crucial. Using banners and ads for specific products can greatly boost conversion rates. Prioritize competitive products with the best prices compared to rivals. Note that some marketplaces may reject banner ads, or “Deal of the day campaigns” if a competitor offers a cheaper similar product, so be aware of this.

5. Expanding Accross Multiple Marketplaces

In Brazil, the most effective approach to amplify sales during occasions like Children’s Day is by showcasing your products across diverse marketplaces. Popular platforms like Mercado Libre, Magalu, Americanas, VIA Varejo, and Carrefour actively engage in Children’s Day promotions, drawing in substantial consumer traffic. By concentrating solely on one marketplace, you might tap into just 5 to 10% of the complete potential sales pool.

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