Father’s Day in Brazil: Preparing Your E-commerce Strategy

Fathers day brazil

Fathers’ Day (Dia de Pais in Portuguese) is one of the most anticipated dates on the Brazilian e-commerce calendar. It is often the perfect opportunity for retailers who sell men’s fashion, men’s grooming products, sports equipment, electronics, perfumes, watches, as well as other items in demand during this period.

This article is aimed at helping international retailers understand key insights about Father’s Day in Brazil, such as best-selling products, projections for this year, and recommendations to boost sales.

When is Father’s Day?

Fathers’ Day always takes place on the second Sunday of August. So this year, the date will be August 13th. According to Globo, the biggest peak of online sales occurs 15 days before Father’s Day. In physical shopping, this trend is quite different, with the peak of sales being 6 days before the date. Typically, online searches start 15 to 30 days before the event, and only a few leave their purchases for the last day. In this sense, preparing your strategy in advance is key to anticipating the demand for products.

Projections for 2023

Last year, Father’s Day sales saw one of the highest growth rates of all time, increasing 7% compared to 2021. The outlook for 2023 is quite positive, with an anticipated e-commerce sales figure exceeding 6 billion reals, equivalent to 1.3 billion dollars, representing a nearly 15% increase compared to 2020.

The average ticket value has also been consistently growing each year. According to Ebit, last year’s ticket value was around 85 USD.

According to a survey conducted by Globo, 50% of Brazilians expressed their intention to buy gifts for Father’s Day, with 43% planning to do their shopping through online marketplaces. The reasons for choosing online channels over physical ones vary, ranging from better prices and a wider product selection to taking advantage of discounts, coupons, and cashbacks. Additionally, the convenience of shopping from home and having a preferred marketplace are among the key factors driving this trend.

What to sell on Father’s Day?

The most popular categories, which experience a higher number of orders during the period leading up to Father’s Day, include clothing and accessories, grooming items, perfumes, electronics, health products, tools, and housewares.

A survey conducted by Mercado Ads, from Mercado Livre, indicated that shoes are one of the most popular gifts, with more than 1,500 searches per minute. In the Camping category, the highlights were “Thermos bottle” and “Stanley cup“.

According to a survey by Globo, where they interviewed 1000 consumers about their gifting plans for this year, 35% of them mentioned giving clothes, 24% said men’s perfumes (perfumes, cologne water), 17% mentioned footwear, 12% grooming, and personal care products (barber kit, hair treatment kit, shavers, razers, facial creams, and others), 12% fashion accessories (wallets, belts, watches, and others), 11% sports (sportswear, supplements, and vitamins), and 6% electronics (smartwatches, tablets, electronic readers, voice assistant, soundbar, robot vacuum).

Other popular categories are household utilities, including coffee machines, construction tools, kits for barbecue, and grills.

fathers day top selling categories

Something interesting is that the gift-buying decision depends on whether the father is a parent of a child, a teenager, or an adult. Studies conducted by Globo indicate that fathers of children, teenagers, or adults often choose to give perfumes as their first choice. Then, fathers of teenagers and adults prefer to give electronics, while fathers of children opt for clothing. This is intriguing, as the gift-giving categories are quite diverse.

How to sell more during Father’s Day?

Choosing the right sales channels: diversifying your sales in multiple channels is key, but most importantly, being present in marketplaces that participate in Father’s Day with campaigns and discounts. In Brazil, marketplaces like Mercado Livre, Americanas, Casas Bahia, and Magalu, start offering discounts to consumers over 3 weeks in advance, to engage and generate awareness. The good news is that you can sell in the top 15 marketplaces from Latin America in a simple way with nocnoc. Discover how nocnoc can help you sell more in LatAm here.

Campaigns, ads, and discounts: Running ad campaigns on marketplaces also helps increase the visibility of your products. It is important to push those products that are a better fit for Father’s Day, so studying the market and analyzing your catalog is essential. Some effective strategies include offering cashback on products, such as 10%, 15%, or 20%.

Father’s Day Promotions in Mercado Livre (2023)

MercadoLivre dia do pais

Brand awareness: If you want to achieve even better results, you can create marketing and social media actions outside of the marketplaces. We recommend combining social media ad campaigns, such as Facebook ads, TikTok ads, and Instagram ads, as well as influencer campaigns where influencers try out your products before Father’s Day, or even during the event. If you have a lesser-known brand and want to make it shine in Latin America on important dates like Father’s Day, nocnoc can help! We offer special plans for each brand that will boost your sales, even if your brand is not well-known in Latin America. You can schedule an exploratory call with our team to learn more about it.

Selling in Brazil for Father’s Day in the easiest way

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