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Consumer’s Day in Brazil is an annual eCommerce event that takes place on March 15th each year. It is considered the Black Friday of Q1 due to its high sales potential.

Numerous brands from various industries are taking advantage of Consumer Day to offer discounts and increase their exposure. This presents a promising opportunity for global sellers to boost sales. 
Are you a global seller wondering how you can leverage this opportunity to increase your sales? In this article, we’ll provide you with details on what Consumer Day is, its impressive sales record, and how you can participate in the upcoming Consumer Day 2023.

The origin of Consumers’ Day in Brazil

This important shopping event in Brazil was first officially celebrated on March 15th, 1983, with the goal of generating awareness and promoting consumer rights. The consumer defense movement in Brazil emerged from the economic and social crises of the 1960s and 1970s. Following this period, the first consumer defense organizations began to emerge, such as the Porto Alegre Consumer Protection Association (APC), the Curitiba Consumer Defense and Orientation Association (ADOC), and the Executive Group for Consumer Protection (Procon). By the end of the 1980s, these organizations pressured the Constituent Congress to include consumer defense in the Federal Constitution of 1988. Since then, the Consumer Defense Code has regulated all consumer relationships.

Consumers’ Day: a highly profitable date for eCommerce

As of today, Consumer’s Day continues to be a highly anticipated shopping event in Brazil. It offers various deals and discounts to consumers who wish to purchase their desired products at a special price. 

Similar to Black Friday, Consumers’ Day is no longer a single day and has evolved into a “Consumers’ Week” event. In some cases, online marketplaces or e-commerce sites even extend discounts and deals to cover the entire month of March, creating a “Consumers’ Month” celebration.

A study conducted by All In and Social Miner in 2022 reveals that Brazilian consumers spent 138 million USD during Consumers’ Day. This represents an increase of 22% compared to the previous year. It was not just the GMV that evolved during this period, as the number of orders also grew by 16%.

In February 2022, MindMiners conducted a study to determine how many Brazilians intend to buy products on Consumers’ Day. The study found that more than 56% of Brazilians planned to buy products on this occasion, in order to get promising discounts. This marks a 7% increase from the previous year, when the percentage was 49%.

As such, it presents a significant opportunity for brands and retailers to provide exclusive promotions and discounts that can attract consumers and encourage them to make purchases.

Consumers’ Day 2023: online shopping or offline

Brazilians are avid online shoppers. According to data from AMI, around 76% of Brazilians made online purchases in 2022.

Research carried out by MindMiners revealed that over 81% of Brazilians are willing to shop online for special days like Consumers’ Day. 48% replied that they consider buying either online or offline, and 33% responded that they only want to buy products on eCommerce sites or online marketplaces. Just 18% of respondents said that they prefer to buy in-store. This reflects a strong inclination towards online shopping, highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong online presence in Brazil.

online shopping consumer day
Only 18% of Brazilian consumers prefer to buy in-store than buy online in Consumers’ Day

Top-selling products on Consumers’ Day in Brazil

Consumer Day 2023 is expected to see high demand for a range of products, including cell phones, accessories, perfumes, clothes, and home appliances. Some of the top-selling products for Consumers’ Day 2022 were:

  • Electronics: Cellphones, cellphone accessories, cases, streaming devices, and media players.
  • Apparel and clothing: for men and women
  • Beauty: Perfume and personal care products
  • Home appliances: cake makers, mixers, and cleaning devices

Increase your sales by 100% during Consumers’ Day

Our experience participating in Consumers’ Day 2022 in Brazilian marketplaces was extremely positive. By offering discounts, and prominently featuring products on first-page banners, we successfully increased sales by over 100% compared to February 2022.

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