Webinar: Selling Online in Brazil for Black Friday

Selling online in Brazil for Black Friday

Join Maurici from Magalu, along with Maria from nocnoc, to explore Magalu Marketplace, one of Brazil’s largest online marketplaces. Learn about the exciting opportunities that cross-border selling on Magalu Marketplace, during the peak season, can offer to your business. Webinar Transcription: Introduction Vincenzo: Welcome to this webinar, where we’re hosting a collaboration between nocnoc, Magalu,…

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Webinar: Selling in Mexico for Peak Season

Selling in Mexico for Peak Season

In this webinar, Stefano and Cecilia delve into the advantages of cross-border selling in Mexico and the opportunity to become a part of the Coppel marketplace, perfectly timed for El Buen Fin. About Coppel Coppel stands as one of Mexico’s leading retail chains and online marketplaces, offering an extensive range of over 2,050 product categories,…

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