June 12: The date with most perfume sales


While much of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day every February 14th by exchanging gifts, sending flowers or chocolates, enjoying romantic dinners, and other personalized gestures, Brazil celebrates love a bit differently.

Brazilians celebrate love in June, specifically on the 12th, under the name Dia dos Namorados. Keep reading to learn more about this date in Brazil and how it can be key to growing your monthly sales.

Why don’t Brazilians celebrate traditional Valentine’s Day?

Most countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was known for performing good deeds related to the universal concept of love and affection. In Brazil, this day is considered just another day on the calendar because February is carnival season, one of the country’s biggest and most important festivities, attracting people from all over the world.

Carnival season begins four days before Ash Wednesday and can take place between early February and March, depending on the year and when Easter falls. In 2025, it is already known that the carnival will run from February 28th to March 8th, although celebrations often start earlier and extend beyond the official dates. This is why Valentine’s Day goes unnoticed in Brazil.

Why is June 12th Dia dos Namorados?

June 12th was chosen to celebrate love in Brazil because it is the day before the feast of Saint Anthony of Padua, a Catholic saint known for blessing couples with prosperous and happy marriages.

João Doria created Dia dos Namorados in 1948, inspired by Mother’s Day as a business opportunity to boost sales. Currently, this day has become the third best day for sales in Brazil, behind Christmas and Mother’s Day.

One of the biggest sales days in Brazil

Dia dos Namorados is eagerly anticipated by Brazilian retailers as it offers great opportunities to sell various products that will become gifts for loved ones. More than 62% of the population claims to be in a relationship, making the market of potential buyers highly attractive for sellers.

According to the Brazilian portal Bomdia, for 6 out of 10 couples, Dia dos Namorados is as important as their anniversary. On this day, it’s popular to have a date with your partner, whether it’s a romantic dinner, a picnic, going to the movies, or other options. But it is also a special day to give and receive gifts as a demonstration of love.

According to Varejo SA, it is estimated that this year’s spending on this celebration will exceed $4.3 billion in retail, with the average ticket reaching $45.

The importance of e-commerce on this date

The survey conducted by Varejo SA showed that more than 30% will buy a gift for Dia dos Namorados from an online store, with Amazon being the most mentioned. Over the years, online shopping has become increasingly important as it allows consumers to access a greater variety of products, many of which cannot be found locally, and offers more affordable prices, among other reasons.

In 2022, Dia dos Namorados generated very good results for e-commerce. Revenues exceeded $1.2 billion, while online purchases grew by almost 10% compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 15.4 million digital purchases.

Most popular categories for gifts

This upcoming Dia dos Namorados, the most popular products to gift will be primarily perfumes and cosmetics (39%), clothing (37%), footwear (24%), and food-related items (18%), among others.

This presents a great opportunity for all sellers of these types of categories to boost their offers and see significant growth in their sales during this celebration.

Maximize your online sales in Brazil this Dia dos Namorados

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