How Can I Sell on Amazon Internationally?


Are you a seller ready to tap into Latin America’s thriving market with your products? Look no further! Dive into this article to unlock the secrets of selling on Amazon internationally. Discover how to explore the wide range of opportunities and achieve your sales goals in this potential marketplace!

About Amazon

Amazon is an American multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce. Founded in 1994, is one of the world’s largest online retailers, offering a range of products from toys and electronics to furniture and clothing. Currently, Amazon operates in over 20 countries worldwide.

Why sell in Latin America?

According to a study by Statista, Latin America boasts over 300 million digital buyers, with an expected 15% increase by 2027. Online retail sales hit $122 billion in 2022, projected to rise to $200 billion by 2026. Brazil and Mexico lead, comprising 32% and 28% of the e-commerce market respectively, while Colombia, Argentina, and Chile show promising growth.

Throughout the years, there has been a growing preference among buyers for international products. The daily exposure to diverse websites and social media platforms has sparked a keen interest among Latin Americans in products that are not readily available locally.

Mexico leads in cross-border e-commerce sales volume. Capturing a 22% share of the market, it experiences a remarkable annual growth rate of 38%. In 2022, eight out of ten Mexican consumers engaged in cross-border product purchases. 

Amazon potential in LatAm

With nearly 5 billion monthly visits in 2023, Amazon solidifies its position as the world’s leading online marketplace. In Latin America, it also boasts a strong presence, as it positioned itself in April as the third most visited marketplace, attracting over 240 million visitors. 

In February of this year, Amazon managed to become the marketplace with the highest number of average monthly visits, followed by platforms such as Mercado Libre, AliExpress, and Walmart. Meanwhile, in April, Amazon Brazil ranked second among the most visited marketplaces in the country, trailing behind Mercado Libre while doing better than sites like Magalu and Americanas.

Advantages of selling internationally on Amazon

  • Expanded customer base: Selling internationally allows you to reach customers in various countries, expanding your potential market.
  • Increased sales opportunities: Accessing new markets means more opportunities to sell your products and increase your revenue.
  • Diversification of revenue streams: Selling internationally helps diversify your revenue streams, reducing dependency on any single market.
  • Brand exposure: Selling on Amazon’s international platforms increases your brand’s visibility and exposure to a global audience.

Are you already selling on Amazon?

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