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What is Magalu?

Magalu marketplace is the online shopping site for Magazine Luiza, among Brazil’s largest retail chains. Magazine Luiza operates more than 1100 physical stores across Brazil and employs over 30,000 people. The Magalu marketplace has become one of the largest and most popular sites in Latin America, attracting approximately 100 million monthly visitors, as reported by similarweb. Moreover, the marketplace boasts a diverse range of products from around 200,000 partner retailers, including home appliances, furniture, electronics, toys and games, and beauty.

Why sell on Magalu marketplace?

Brazil’s trusted and award-winning e-commerce platform

Magalu marketplace is not only one of the most visited marketplaces in Brazil, but it has also gained a reputation as a reliable and beloved online shopping destination for Brazilian consumers. It was honored as one of the best e-commerce sites in Brazil at the Ebit | Nielsen Awards in 2021. The awards evaluate factors such as successful deliveries, repeat purchase intention, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Loyalty

Magazine Luiza has gained a significant following on its social media platforms, largely thanks to the authoritative presence of Lu, the beloved character representing Magalu. A key accomplishment has been the humanization of brand-customer interactions, nurturing customer loyalty. Additionally, the brand has effectively positioned itself across diverse social channels, understanding the influence of consumer choices based on brand positioning.

Impressive Growth

With a consumer base of 40 million people, Magalu has become a key player in the Brazilian e-commerce market, experiencing impressive growth. In the first quarter of 2022, online sales reached R$10 billion, a remarkable 149% increase over the past two years (2021-2020). In Q1 2023, Magazine Luiza generated R$15.5 billion in sales, with R$11 billion coming from e-commerce. Third-party seller sales also rose by 19% year-on-year.

These figures highlight the significance that Magalu has achieved over the years, solidifying its position as a valuable platform for e-commerce sales in Brazil.

Selling on Magalu from the USA

Although cross-border operations are not open to everyone, there is an easy way to sell on Magalu from the USA. Since May 2023, nocnoc has partnered with Magalu to launch an exclusive cross-border store, enabling international sellers to showcase their products in nocnoc’s mega stores. 

By selling through the nocnoc store, you will benefit from our strong reputation as a trusted seller in Brazil, granting your brand significant exposure.

To begin selling your products on Magalu in partnership with nocnoc, you can sign-up for free here. We offer a 3-month free trial, allowing you to test your success in the Latin American market without any risk or commitment.

For more information about nocnoc, please visit here.


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