Why Having a Positive Seller Reputation is Important in Brazil?


Before concreting any purchase online, Brazilians pay a lot of attention to the seller’s reputation.  Consumers want their products to arrive on time, with the right quality, and without having to pay extra fees. For this reason, they avoid buying stuff in stores that are new or have not got any sales in the past weeks.

For cross-border sellers, earning customers’ trust has become particularly challenging, and thus they have difficulties improving their conversion rates and minimizing cancellations.

Most common consumer concerns

There are many concerns among Brazilian consumers that prevent them from buying from cross-border stores that do not have a great reputation.

First, some Brazilians are concerned about paying extra fees if customs retain their products. Products in Brazil could be retained for several reasons, for example, if the product exceeds a certain weight. This means that buyers must pay a 60% tax rate in order to release the product from customs.

Another common concern among Brazilians is bank fraud. According to data collected from Serasa-Experian, Brazil experienced 3.8 million bank fraud attempts in 2021. For this reason, some buyers are reluctant to buy products in a store that has not concreted many sales online.

Last but not least, consumers are also worried about counterfeit or poor-quality products. Unfortunately, most marketplaces do not have any control over the products’ authenticity, making it harder for buyers to know when a product is fake.

Building a strong seller reputation online

When looking for products online, buyers encounter dozens of sellers with unrecognizable names, who are difficult to find outside the marketplace.

Because of this, Brazilians rely on peer-to-peer platforms to find reviews, filter sellers and look at the different scores. These platforms help consumers to identify which sellers are most reliable. In Brazil, the most popular website to rate sellers and brands is Reclame Aquí. This platform has over 30 million registered users and receives over 140 million monthly visits.

Reclame Aqui allows users to issue complaints against companies, rate the different responses and receive customer support. Over 90% of consumers in Brazil have checked this website before purchasing something on the internet.

In this way, Reclame Aqui plays an important role in the consumer buying process, and maintaining a high score there is essential to succeed. To achieve a good score, you have to offer excellent customer service in Portuguese, providing a quick and effective response to customers’ answers and complaints.

Sell crossborder with the highest reputation

Building a strong reputation online always takes time. In the most optimistic scenario, it could take months or even years to earn the trust of customers, and until then you might have low conversion rates and a high number of cancellations.

However, there is a solution for global sellers to start selling their products online in Brazil and have the highest reputation from day one. 

By partnering with a cross-border eCommerce megastore, like nocnoc, you can start selling your products in Brazil’s leading marketplaces by simply uploading your product catalog to a single Seller Center. You will get the highest exposure from day one, thanks to our megastores’ great reputation.

At nocnoc, we are committed to building a positive online reputation. Our response time is faster in comparison with other companies, and our score is above average.

nocnoc reclame aqui seller reputation
nocnoc reclame aqui seller reputation compared with other companies

Not only do we offer customer support in Portuguese, but also we provide a 360° service that includes pre-purchase, post-purchase, custom clearances, returns, and cancellations, which Brazilian customers already recognize and prefer. All of this has led to hundreds of positive reviews.

Sign up for free today and start selling online in Brazil with no investment needed.


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