What’s Americanas? Brazil’s top marketplace


In recent years, Brazil has emerged as a powerhouse in the global e-commerce market, boasting a staggering market value exceeding $275 billion. This growth has transformed Brazil into a vibrant hub for global brands and sellers eager to expand their sales and reach new customers.

One of the driving forces behind Brazil’s e-commerce boom is the pivotal role played by marketplaces. These platforms have become instrumental in driving the digital transformation of Brazilian retail, providing both established brands and smaller players with opportunities for expansion and customer acquisition. With over 80% of e-commerce sales occurring through marketplaces, they have become a cornerstone of Brazil’s e-commerce landscape.

At the forefront of Brazil’s e-commerce scene stands Americanas, a marketplace that not only shapes but also defines the country’s retail dynamics.

Americanas: Shaping Brazil’s Retail Landscape

With an impressive array of statistics highlighting its dominance, Americanas has cemented its status as a formidable player in the Brazilian market. Boasting over 130 million monthly visitors and a catalog featuring more than 40 million diverse products spanning from toys and games to beauty & perfume products, it commands a significant presence in the digital realm, catering to the eclectic needs of millions of consumers.

The allure of Americanas transcends its extensive reach and product diversity. Its robust business ecosystem, spanning physical stores, online platforms, direct sales, and third-party collaborations, epitomizes a holistic approach to retail. This integration fosters seamless processes, including convenient in-store pickups of items from third-party sellers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and convenience.

Despite the challenges encountered in 2022, Americanas has demonstrated remarkable resilience, contributing approximately 10% to Brazil’s total e-commerce share. With an astounding $8.9 billion GMV in 2022, Americanas reaffirms its enduring popularity and unwavering relevance in the market, securing the second position in 3P sales—a testament to its efficacy as a platform for third-party sellers.

Americanas: By the Numbers

With 3.5 billion annual visits to the group’s websites and 127 million items listed, Americanas is not just a marketplace but a digital phenomenon. Its success is further underscored by the 398 million transactions conducted in the past 12 months, with over 60% of sales generated through partner stores. With 49 million customers, Americanas continues to dominate the Brazilian e-commerce landscape, boasting a remarkable $2.5 million in gross merchandise volume (GMV).

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