Discovering Mexico’s Top 5 Marketplaces for B2C Retail

Marketplaces have emerged as the preferred channel for online sales. In Mexico, these platforms are the top choice for consumers, offering convenience, variety, flexible payment options, and irresistible discounts. But they’re more than just places to shop – they’re also the perfect platforms for global businesses to showcase their brands to millions of potential customers.…

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How Marketplaces are Shaping E-commerce in Latin America

Marketplaces shaping ecommerce latin america

The rapid growth of e-commerce in Latin America owes much to the development and expansion of marketplaces. These platforms stand out as the preferred channels for Latin American consumers, driven by factors like convenience and diverse payment options.  For global brands and retailers eyeing expansion opportunities in Latin America, diversifying their product presence across marketplaces…

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List of the fastest-growing international marketplaces

List of fastest-growing international marketplaces

When planning for international expansion opportunities, it is crucial to identify the marketplaces experiencing rapid growth, as they offer better sales opportunities. This article aims to shed light on the fastest-growing international marketplaces across Latin America, Europe, and Asia. International Marketplaces in Latin America Why begin with Latin America? This region stands out for marketplaces’…

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Cross-Border e-commerce: Key Insights for 2024

cross border ecommerce trends 2024

These years have proven to be revolutionary for e-commerce. We saw the rise of social commerce, significant investment in online advertising, AI-driven technology, and cross-border opportunities in new regions. In the United States, new doors have opened in Latin America, democratizing online channels and marketplaces for selling. Amazon extended its presence to Latin America, providing…

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Top 5 eCommerce Events in Latin America

For international businesses looking to target Latin American consumers, it is crucial to comprehend the significant shopping events and months that can drive more sales. As a result, we have identified some of the most important eCommerce events in Latin America that your business should undoubtedly participate in to enhance international sales. Let’s take a…

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Comprehensive Guide to Expanding Your US-based Brand to Latin America

guide expanding your brand to latam

After years of assisting US-based brands in expanding their presence and raising awareness in the Latin American market, we have compiled a comprehensive guide highlighting the key factors for a successful expansion. Regardless of the brand, these steps are universally applicable and should be followed diligently. By implementing these strategies, you can ensure a successful…

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Top 10 Online Marketplaces in Latin America for Selling Globally

Latin America is an attractive destination for international expansion, with a booming e-commerce market valued at 362 billion USD and growing by 25% annually. Marketplaces are crucial, accounting for over 80% of total e-commerce sales. Unlike the United States, where Amazon dominates the market and sellers can capture a significant market share by exclusively selling…

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nocnoc Raises $14 Million in Series A Funding led by PayPal Ventures to Accelerate Cross-border eCommerce in Latin America

June 9, 2023 — nocnoc, the leading facilitator of cross-border eCommerce between global sellers and Latin America, today announced that it has secured $14 million in Series A funding, led by PayPal Ventures with participation from Mouro Capital, Quona Capital, Caravela Capital, Broadhaven and Ignia. The funding will further strengthen nocnoc’s mission to help international…

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