Discovering Mexico’s Top 5 Marketplaces for B2C Retail

Marketplaces have emerged as the preferred channel for online sales. In Mexico, these platforms are the top choice for consumers, offering convenience, variety, flexible payment options, and irresistible discounts. But they’re more than just places to shop – they’re also the perfect platforms for global businesses to showcase their brands to millions of potential customers.…

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Brazil’s Top 10 Marketplaces for Online Selling

Top Marketplaces Brazil

Marketplaces play an integral role in driving the digital transformation of Brazilian retail. In recent years, they have evolved into a pivotal mechanism for business expansion, even for brands with established online platforms, while also serving as a pathway for growth and customer acquisition for smaller online players. With over 80% of ecommerce sales occurring…

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How Marketplaces are Shaping E-commerce in Latin America

Marketplaces shaping ecommerce latin america

The rapid growth of e-commerce in Latin America owes much to the development and expansion of marketplaces. These platforms stand out as the preferred channels for Latin American consumers, driven by factors like convenience and diverse payment options.  For global brands and retailers eyeing expansion opportunities in Latin America, diversifying their product presence across marketplaces…

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List of the fastest-growing international marketplaces

List of fastest-growing international marketplaces

When planning for international expansion opportunities, it is crucial to identify the marketplaces experiencing rapid growth, as they offer better sales opportunities. This article aims to shed light on the fastest-growing international marketplaces across Latin America, Europe, and Asia. International Marketplaces in Latin America Why begin with Latin America? This region stands out for marketplaces’…

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Cross-Border e-commerce: Key Insights for 2024

cross border ecommerce trends 2024

These years have proven to be revolutionary for e-commerce. We saw the rise of social commerce, significant investment in online advertising, AI-driven technology, and cross-border opportunities in new regions. In the United States, new doors have opened in Latin America, democratizing online channels and marketplaces for selling. Amazon extended its presence to Latin America, providing…

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2023 Christmas Shopping Trends in Brazil

November was busy with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. As the year ends, one of the most important times for online shopping in Brazil is approaching: Christmas. People look forward to exchanging gifts with loved ones during this season. Christmas has become a big deal in online shopping, with the share of sales increasing…

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Top 5 eCommerce Events in Latin America

For international businesses looking to target Latin American consumers, it is crucial to comprehend the significant shopping events and months that can drive more sales. As a result, we have identified some of the most important eCommerce events in Latin America that your business should undoubtedly participate in to enhance international sales. Let’s take a…

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How to Successfully Sell on Amazon Mexico

Sell on Amazon Mexico

Are you an Amazon seller looking to tap into the thriving e-commerce market in Mexico? Look no further! In this article, we will unlock the potential of selling on Amazon Mexico and guide you through the steps to success. Market potential in Mexico Mexico is one of the biggest e-commerce markets in Latin America, growing…

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New Brazil Customs Regulations for E-commerce

New Brazilian Customs Regulations for E-commerce

Brazil has long been a challenging market for cross-border sales, with ever-changing regulations that often resulted in considerable inefficiencies. Prior to August 2023, any product purchased from international sellers could face a range of hurdles, including sudden customs holds, a 60% import tax regardless of the item’s value, or a painstaking verification process lasting up…

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